November 13, 2014 in Part I

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11/13/2014, 9:51 PM
C.S. Jones
I’m so sorry about the delay. No, really, I am.

To make up for it, I rolled the next two pages into one so we can get on with the story quicker. Ironically, that made it even later since it took twice the toning work and I had to draw a few extra panels to make it work. Not the best idea.

Anyway, here’s one of the things I wanted to “debut.” It’s my new webcomics blog - Webcomicry - and it will update sporadically along with the comic. My first post is on hosting, and it, like this comic page, is huge.

Unfortunately, the other thing I wanted to roll out today still isn't ready yet.

But I ended up getting some unplanned stuff done, so in lieu of that, I'll just coyly mention that I've also been writing for a new-ish site called Nerd Underground. My favorite post thus far is this one, on 4Chan, GamerGate, and how to deal with the worst aspects of nerd culture.

Also, I have a Twitter now. I’ll add a button when I stop procrastinating. Any webcomic news, along with blog news and other stuff, will go there. (Some of it ends up on the Y-H Facebook page as well, but not nearly as much.)

Anal Detail Note: This story is set in a real place, although it won’t be named, and Sailor Moon’s time, channel, and network - as seen in panel 6 - are period-accurate.

And no, I've never lived there. That was just a lot of Googling.

Weird Coincidence Note: Laurie’s parents’ TV is a Sony Wega. Here’s the reference I used, first found via a random Google search for “90s TV.” And I chose Sailor Moon for this page because it was the most likely broadcast anime for a girl her age to be into at that time. But just two days ago, while drawing the last panel, I decided to check out the Nostalgia Critic’s Sailor Moon review for the first time. Fast forward to 12:34.

Same TV, complete with A/V plugs.

That's enough links for one day. I'm going back to 1-3 drawings per page now, so see you in a much shorter amount of time than this one took.

12/10 Update: We have a schedule page now, so I don't have to inform you when the next update's coming. Everything else is explained on the page. See for yourself.

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