February 15, 2015 in Part I

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2/15/2015, 8:44 AM
C.S. Jones
Welp, that schedule page is officially useless. It'll be removed with the coming redesign.

In the meantime, I'm replacing it with an email list; this way you'll know when pages actually go up instead of when they would go up in a perfect world where I never get surprise assignments or waste afternoons on Reddit. Yes, I know I should've done this months ago.

It'll get its own page soon, but for now, you can sign up with this ugly, poorly-spaced temporary form:

Get Updates

* indicates required

I want to know about...

Anyway, we finally get to see see the title character. She won't look like this for very long, though...

Also, I made another change to the art. It's subtle, but to me at least, it makes a world of difference. See if you can tell what it is.


* I write a lot of art and design stuff for other sites, as well as the occasional opinion piece on comics. I also might occasionally comment on a current event or something.

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